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The lead management process using Marketing automation

We are living in times where the Importance of technology has permeated our daily lives, it has brought to fore the need for automation.  Automation is using simple tools and software that assist in making programs, processes efficient thereby improving end user experience. Customer targeting for acquisition and retention has become layered and very complex as customers interact through various medium like web, mobile, offline. Automation can help simplify this complexity.

Marketing automation helps in 1. Simplifying repetitive marketing tasks 2. Simplifying targeting and analysis using data segmentation.

What exactly happens. What does marketing automation do?

Improves lead management process
A small business can use a simple software to automate the lead generation process, by taking the lead base and creating a sales funnel of hot & warm leads. The analysis and targeting basis past customer data can also be automated. Entire campaign management and targeting can be automated using different data segments and analysis. Campaigns across multiple channels can be set up in advance improving efficiency. In short lot of manual work becomes automated using AI. Business can target customers with automated messages across email, web, social, and text.  Repetitive tasks like social media posting, email, ad campaigns, re targeting can all be automated.

This saves a lot of time and resources and one can focus on the sales calls and conversion.

Easy access to knowledge
Data and campaigns can be efficiently stored and used over many years, one can refer back to archives and reuse successful campaigns, data and analysis when required 

Content Management
Creating relevant and effective content requires expertise, time and budgets.  With automation it is possible to efficiently repurpose, reuse and deploy existing content across channels.

Service experience
The entire customer service experience can be enhanced, A privileged experience of welcome letters, web onboarding, regular communication, testimonials can all be automated 

Is it complex, do I need specialists?

Marketing automation software’s are much easier to use and navigate than we think they are. It does not require a technical resource, just requires appreciation and adoption of technology to use it.

Moreover, the marketing automation software companies provide*:

1. Support in uploading data structures 
2. Customizing the platform for marketing analytics and targeting 
3. Training and support 
4. Program and campaign management 
5. Managing – insourcing the entire process 
*Of course, this depends on the type of platform, services and the kind of contract or agreement 

Marketing automation software’s can be taken as full service or as modules and then expanded basis your requirements, some also offer free trials. There are many marketing automation software companies that support Small Business like HubSpot, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Moengage, Sprinklr.

Automation helps Improve customer conversion and provide better experience. If your firm wants to streamline tasks, measure effectiveness, utilize resource effectively, it’s time to automate.

This article has been shared by Aruna Jathar